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18 February 2007

Standing athwart the revenue stream

Note to [name of security-software vendor redacted]: Yes, I probably will renew my subscription after the next year; I am not at this time dissatisfied with your product. But no, I'm not going to let you automatically resubscribe me at that time and charge me whatever the going rate might be, and I resent your making this the default. I should not have to go to a second (and then a third) screen, then retype all the same damned information including the product key, just to prevent automatic billing. It's not like you're going to forget to nag me every two weeks for the last three months of the subscription term or anything.

(No, I didn't mention their name. But their initials are C.A.)

Posted at 2:45 PM to Outgoing Mail , PEBKAC

I had this same service. After two years of fighting with them over their billing practices, I no longer use them.

Posted by: Aero at 9:22 AM on 19 February 2007