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27 February 2007

The ones that got away

Alastair Ian Stewart isn't entirely unknown in these parts: he did chart five singles in Billboard, and the hit albums Year of the Cat and Time Passages are fairly easy to come by.

But the true Al Stewart fan knows that there is much, much more out there, and Collectors' Choice Music has announced a plan to reissue thirteen of Al's not-such-big-hit albums on CD, including the very rare Bedsitter Images from 1967, his first full-length LP, and the virtually-unnoticed Down in the Cellar, which dates from the last days of the century (sorry) and disappeared at the same time as the record label that released it.

You'll notice that there are thirty-three years between first and last, in case you thought that Al was some sort of middle-1970s phenomenon. CCM is putting these out for $12.95 each, and contrary to their usual practice, they're dropping in a bonus track or two on each title.

Posted at 2:11 PM to Tongue and Groove

Hurrah! The greatest musical and poetic genius of our time deserves to have his work perpetuated for generations to come. I'm glad there's a record company that concurs.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:41 PM on 27 February 2007

Among lisping Scottish vocalists, Al Stewart simply can't be beat.

Posted by: John Salmon at 7:12 PM on 27 February 2007