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18 March 2007

1080p in 2008

A perhaps-unexpected factor in the Presidential election, a mere twenty months away: HDTV. Jane Galt's thinking:

Just as the introduction of television famously altered voter perceptions of the candidates in the 1960 election (those who listened to the debate thought that Nixon had won, but those who saw it on television overwhelmingly favoured the more telegenic Kennedy), HDTV could skew who we nominate and/or elect.

For example, though I've never met him, my understanding from those who have is that McCain's image of vitality is very carefully projected, and that when you actually meet him up close, he looks pretty frail. Will that come out on HDTV? How about Hillary? HDTV is least kind to older women; I'd bet it puts at least ten years on her. I suspect that Obama is the only candidate who will actually look good on HDTV; he's younger, and even light black skin ages better than caucasian.

Incidentally, all analog TV is supposed to end in this country by 17 February 2009, a month after the inaugural address. I question the timing.

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The price on LCD-format HDTVs has come down lately; I could almost walk into Big Lots today and walk out with a 32-incher, paying cash.

But, I'm holding out for plasma.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:08 PM on 18 March 2007

Looks like high-tech plastic surgery has come along just in time. Soon, we will all look like models.

When that happens, what will models look like?

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:58 PM on 18 March 2007

When that happens, what will models look like?

Well, right now they look like sticks. In the future they'll look like really skinny sticks.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:10 PM on 18 March 2007