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31 March 2007

And it wasn't even April first yet

So I read this little bit of Bad News:

It has been determined that you have violated the EULA and posting privileges for this site, and any further participation here is not welcome. Consider this message as a formal notice that we will no longer grant you the privilege or license to participate here. Any attempts to access this site using masked or additional resources will be logged and reported to your Internet Service Provider via a formal complaint. Depending on the jurisdiction, we may report your activities to the proper authorities. If you are using your employer's computers, we will contact your employer.

The simplest way to prevent further problems for you is for you to simply cease and desist from using this site.

Of course, it was a hack job, in several senses of the word, and the host was already working on finding the culprit and whacking his pee-pee. Still, that's pretty decent boilerplate, and I suspect I'll see it again, if only as an indication of plagiarism: few of these weasels have much to say on their own.

Update, 5 pm, 1 April: Oh, it gets better.

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