The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 March 2007

As if

Just received while I wait out the stormage: something titled "Internet Explorer 7 Downloads," claiming to be from

Yeah, right.

For the record, I have gotten one email from Microsoft since ever: a followup to see if I'd gotten the XP Service Pack 2 CD I had ordered. Assuming, of course, even that was from Microsoft, which is a lot to assume.

Posted at 4:30 PM to Scams and Spams

As long as there are gullible fools out there, I've got full employment. Even now, 2007, I still get emergency calls for service from customers that start with "I got this email from Microsoft (or Symantec, or whoever) ..."

You tell them what you're gonna tell them. Then you tell them. Then you tell them what you told them. Then you put it in writing. And still, some fool does not get the message...

Posted by: Winston at 5:21 AM on 30 March 2007