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14 March 2007

Besides, who needs all those trees?

The telephone-directory market around here has generally consisted of two players: AT&T SBC AT&T and Feist/Yellow Book. Today a third party landed a book somewhere near my porch, and I duly gave it the once-over.

The User-Friendly Phone Book, and that is its name, is not too dissimilar from competing products, but it does offer a smidgen larger print — useful for those of us with questionable vision — and the pages are cut to allow for seven tabs: business listings, "Easy Info," community stuff, maps, menus, coupons, and finally Yellow Pages, which in turn have painted (not cut) tabs for each letter of the alphabet.

This is User-Friendly's ninth year; they already have directories in Bartlesville and Tulsa. Some of their directories — Beaumont, Texas; Shreveport, Louisiana; and various areas in Northeast Ohio — are readable on the Web, and I hope they port over the Oklahoma City book eventually. (After all, Firefox already has tabs and resizable text.)

Posted at 5:28 PM to Dyssynergy

Since January, I've received 5 phone books, including the User Friendly Book. All I need now is the Reverse Phone Directory, and I'll have a complete set!

Posted by: Heather D at 11:10 PM on 14 March 2007

You're so behind Charles; it's now at&t.

Posted by: MikeH at 1:52 PM on 15 March 2007