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8 March 2007

Contenders for Number One

Way too many years ago, I suffered a severe brain fart during a Spanish-language vocabulary test: the word "baño" had evidently escaped me entirely, which is not something to be desired when you have to label the rooms in the house. Desperate for another word for "bathroom," I finally grat my teeth and penciled in "Juan." I need hardly point out that Sister Alfonso Bedoya was not amused.

You'd think that after a debacle of this magnitude, I'd find myself in the business of naming portable-toilet vendors. No such luck. Besides, I'd be hard-pressed to surpass these.

(Via adfreak.)

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» Not As Good As "Sofa King", But Pretty Darned Good from Rocket Jones
From Dustbury, a link to this page of cleverly named portable toilet companies. Around here, the common names are "Johnny on the Spot" and "Don's Johns". If I ever need a second career, maybe "Ted's Heads".........[read more]

Even better than the business names: The taglines. For instance, featured flusher Call-A-Head follows up with the slogan, "We’re Way Ahead of All You Leave Behind".

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