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5 March 2007

Do the meth

A rumor that's filtered into Consumerist:

I have no proof of this, but it comes from a reliable source (well, someone I consider reliable).

Home Depots in the South (specifically, Tulsa, OK) have a special "MethAmphetamine Lab" Section. Since all the Meth-Lab supplies are legal, they got sick of junkies coming in and pestering their staff for the whereabouts of dozens of supplies. Now they just point them to the designated aisle.

Actually, it's against the laws of this state to simplify matters for anyone who's even heard of meth labs. Ask your cousin with the head cold if you don't believe me.

(Besides, whoever came up with the idea that Home Depot might organize its stores by functionality? Not bloodly likely, bucko.)

Posted at 2:38 PM to Soonerland

There are gas stations in the metroplex that sell "crack kits," if you know to ask for them, so I'm not sure that this is entirely out of the question. But, I'm sure it's not labeled the "Meth Lab Aisle."

Posted by: Veronica at 3:28 PM on 5 March 2007

I'd like to meet the person who asked the question and offer them some property I own between Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River. I'm optimistic about the sale.

Posted by: Brett at 10:45 PM on 5 March 2007