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10 March 2007

Even gets AM

Not everyone loves Bose audio: one common snort is "No highs, no lows: must be Bose." And indeed you can find flatter and/or more extended frequency response elsewhere, probably for less money. ("Paper cones," sniffs Trini, expressing a preference for Kevlar.) Still, Gwendolyn has a Bose system — head unit built by Clarion under license, so far as I can tell — and the impressive aspect of the sound is the space, if you will: it's a highly-reflective ambient soundfield that is probably seriously sub-optimal for techno and such but works nicely on the classical stuff I've been known to listen to on the road, though I dialed the subwoofer back a couple of dB to keep it from rattling itself off the rear deck.

Whatever my reservations about Bose, though, I still covet this. To quote the guys at Autoblog:

The new Bose Media System features customized 5.1-channel surround sound, an AM/FM/XM satellite radio tuner that can be accessed by genre, a 200 hours hard drive, navigation system, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity with access through the system's display and a USB 2.0 input.

Oh, and it has an industry-first multi-format disc player. It can read and play virtually any type of disc you feed into it: CDs, DVD audio discs, DVD video discs, Super Audio CDs, MP3s, AAC and practically every other format available on recordable CDs and DVDs. It even has the Bose uMusic intelligent playback system that uses tags to identify listener "moods" and calls up similar songs from the hard drive.

I bet I could screw up that "moods" business big time in a matter of miles.

Still, you won't be seeing this in my car, unless someone bestows upon me the gift of a Ferrari Scaglietti 612, which costs 210,000. Besides, the Ferrari makes some grand sounds of its own without any audio system at all, and anyway Trini prefers Sirius to XM.

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