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24 March 2007

Found in the fine print

Once again, a perusal of the Oklahoman's Saturday business section turns up something of interest:

Abel-Whitehouse LLC paid $1,235,500 to Greg and Gwen Kaiser for a 7,984-square-foot office building at 900 NE 63. Johnathan Russell with Land Run Commercial and David Huffman with Wiggin Properties LLC handled the sale.

900 NE 63rd StAll of these things are true, but none of them really tell the whole story. This is the one-time home of city leader Harvey Everest, who built this mansion way out in the boondocks back in 1931. (Now, of course, it's practically inner-city.) Most people, I suspect, remember it as the White House restaurant; certainly attorney Ed Abel, the buyer, remembers it that way, judging by the name of his corporate entity, though I expect he'll use it for his law office rather than as an eatery, especially in view of the fact that the Kaisers, who bought it in 2000 for around $800k, had already begun the process of converting the property to office space.

This stretch of 63rd, from MLK west to about Lincoln, is one of my favorite parts of town. (There's a small office building I particularly admire at 630 NE 63rd; at one time I entertained the fantasy of buying it and actually living there.) The White House (I still call it that) has tremendous visibility in this area — you can't miss it, even at 70 mph on I-44 — and it will be nice to see it actually serving a purpose again.

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I spotted this for the first time just a couple of days ago. I wondered what it was and who owned it. Now I know.

Posted by: Melessa at 2:07 PM on 24 March 2007