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24 March 2007

Holding up the Speaker

Around the first of the year, someone put in a search-engine query for "nancy pelosi leg photos," to which I responded with a comment to the effect that nobody ever asked for anything like that from Dennis Hastert. What the searcher was led to was Vent #398, "Dressed for the party," in which I scanned some photos from Harper's Bazaar that accompanied a goofy piece by Maureen Dowd (who else?) on the dodgy subject of whether Democrats or Republicans dress "better," in the Bazaar sense of course. On the basis of evidence presented, I declared a draw.

In the "competition," Pelosi was matched up against then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, and I said this:

Two cases of, if not wardrobe malfunction, certainly misjudgment. Condi's white blouse, black jacket and belted trousers qualify as conservative, perhaps even self-effacing. Nancy's in a summery red California two-piece suit that pushes her waistline higher than it should and ends far enough below the knee to make her look more bottom-heavy than she might like.

Had Rice shown up that day in this dress, I suspect my judgment might have differed just a little — though Pelosi too has come off better recently.

Maybe I just need a new scanner.

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When there were nothing but pols of the male persuasion in DC, we did not know they had lower extremities, all stills and video being waist-up shots. The gender integration of the Good Ol Boys social club has certainly brought new meaning to the term "bust shot."

Posted by: Winston at 8:48 AM on 25 March 2007