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29 March 2007


Can we just retire that "chick car" business once and for all?

[D]eep down, most women are car enthusiasts. Like any teenage boy, they start off excited about the intoxicating freedom of driving and scan their automotosphere for the chariot best suited to fleeing the nest and impressing the rest. They may not talk about horsepower and torque, but they "get it."

And then they grow to dislike cars, if only because the cars they drive are so fundamentally unlikeable. The minivan, the family sedan, the average domestic transplant — these are the daily drivers of the women I know. Is it any wonder they loathe all things automotive?

It's the association with drudgery that kills the spirit, I think, though it doesn't help that most of the vehicles represented as suitable for Mom's Taxi duty are designed for maximum yawn and don't lend themselves to serious hoonage.

Still, the combination of a shapely leg and a lead foot will almost always cause my heart to tach up. (Trini, bless her, covets a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V.)

Posted at 7:24 PM to Driver's Seat

After 15 years with a minivan (same one all those years, may it rest in peace) I've finally got a zippy little red Dodge Neon. I couldn't drag race it like I did my Chevelle when I was a teenager, but it's done wonders for my self-image. It's RED.

Posted by: Terry at 8:25 PM on 29 March 2007

If a gal wants to be sure of catching my eye, what she needs (other than a catcher's mitt) is a truck.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:28 PM on 29 March 2007

Still longing for the Morgan Aero 8! Even though the creator of this blog tells me the ash frame would eventually make a wonderful planter for flowers. Phhhtttt!

Posted by: Aero at 8:52 PM on 29 March 2007

You might like this take better.

And let's not mock Morgan; if I remember correctly, once TVR was sold, Morgan became the largest British automaker still under actual British ownership.

That said, I don't look so hot in tweed.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:00 PM on 29 March 2007

I can relate. I'm always driving for chores or for other people, in a hand-me-down minivan. Where is the joy?

Posted by: Miss Cellania at 7:58 AM on 30 March 2007