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18 March 2007

I know! We'll scare some domain owners!

Not one but two faxes came in this weekend from something styling itself "Domain Registry Support," demanding a reply within 24 hours. (Cleverly, they sent the faxes 24 hours and 9 minutes apart.) Rather than type in all that crap, I'll point you to Flyte's encounter with these guys from a couple years back. They weren't impressed either:

What this company is doing certainly isn't illegal ... just misleading. They see a company's new domain registration the way street hustlers see fresh-faced teens getting off the bus in Los Angeles ... fresh meat.

Once you've registered your domain (i.e.,,) you'll get an official looking fax from them titled: FINAL NOTICE OF DOMAIN EXTENSION. (Ah, if only it was the final notice.) They tell you that "has now become available for registration. Consequently the possibility of conflicting domain name registrations may occur." (My emphases, not theirs.)

With phrases scattered throughout like: REGARDING: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY NOTIFICATION PROCESS and IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE UNITED STATES LEGAL CODE and "You are required to advice the notification processor of your intent to license this domain name ..." it's no wonder why it scares the bejeezuz out of many people.

This is not a business plan! This is a business scam!

There is no service being provided here. There's no value-added item. This is just flood insurance for the north pole. If you do want to tie up other versions of your domain, worry about .org, .net and .biz long before you worry about .us. I mean, who uses .us?

Well, I have a few .us sites on Ye Olde Blogroll, but I daresay I'm not particularly worried about squatters, and the .com domain here is registered through the spring of 2011. (And yes, my Whois information is public; all else being equal, I prefer to hide in plain sight.)

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The one I get is from some hole-in-the-wall outfit in NYC, insisting that I must renew my domain (whichever one they've seen as about to expire) with them or I'll lose all rights to the domain forever and ever, amen.

All of my domains are set up for automatic renewal with their respective registrars (I used to have only one registrar but they don't handle .CC domains so I now have GoDaddy on the dole too), so these hysterical demands only annoy me.

Enough so that I forwarded the last one to the NY state AG's office.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:07 PM on 18 March 2007