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31 March 2007

I should have such a mismatch

Jeff Jarvis embeds a YouTube appearance by Elizabeth Kucinich, spouse of Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, and describes her as "[Kucinich's] magnificently mismatched wife."

Um, what?

Is there some compelling reason why in 2005 Kucinich, then 58, should not have married Elizabeth Harper, then about 27? I mean, yeah, I'm sure I'd creep out women in their twenties were I to express any interest, but far be it from me to snicker at May-December romances. And Jarvis is younger than I am, fercryingoutloud. Scratch a Web 2.0 pioneer, find an old fogy at heart.

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The way Jarvis wrote it, it implies that Elizabeth is mismatched with herself, not her husband. But it's not like he has much experience with writing.

Besides, have you seen a picture of JJ? He is an old fogey.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 5:34 PM on 31 March 2007

I figure that Mrs. Kucinich is enamored by recycled, hard left love.

"Oh, Dennis, you animal! Biodegrade me again!"

Posted by: mike at 4:21 PM on 2 April 2007