The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 March 2007

It just takes a little longer

The Knicks and the Hornets started the night needing to pick up some ground to get into the playoffs, and obviously only one of them would. It wasn't obvious who would, though, even during the 48th minute, when the Knicks took a one-point lead after trailing by as many as 15; the Bees got some clutch free throws and took a 3-point lead; New York came back with a 3-ball, and suddenly it was 92-92, followed by overtime.

And the Bees are at their best in these little five-minute spurts: they haven't lost an overtime game all season, and they held the Knicks to a meager two points, pulling out a 103-94 win.

Bobby Jackson was back tonight, and he made sure everyone knew it: he came up with 12 points. David West led the Bees with 20; Desmond Mason dropped in 19; Chris Paul, who dominated the overtime period, finished with 16; and Tyson Chandler, who played six minutes with five fouls, was in double-double land again, with 13 points and 13 boards.

Still, nobody could do much about Eddy Curry: the New York center scored 34 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. It is probably a good thing that Steve Franchise Francis was left at home this time.

The Milwaukee game from January, postponed because the Hornets' charter flight couldn't get out of an Oklahoma City snowstorm, will be made up Tuesday night.

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