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10 March 2007

Latham gets off, as it were

T Town Tommy follows up on the Lonnie Latham case, which ended this week with the Southern Baptist pastor's acquittal on charges on offering to engage in an act of lewdness.

Earlier, Lachlan had observed:

[I]f no money was offered, and a simple proposition was made, then I fail to see how this case ever got to trial.

Which was at the core of Latham's ultimately-successful defense. Tommy notes:

In an odd karma like paradox Pastor Lathamís arrest and subsequent trial has been beneficial in further establishing gay rights in Oklahoma against police harassment and unfair judicial actions.

Tommy also links to Latham's Wikipedia page, which is mostly fairly sensible, though this howler got through:

This was not Latham's first visit to the area. Public records show that on December 2, 1998, at about 11:30 p.m., Latham was issued a traffic ticket for "failure to stop for a stop sign" at NW 39th and Frankford. This intersection is only blocks from where Latham was arrested and serves as rear access to the Habanna [sic] Inn."

"Rear access"? Real cute. And it's wrong: 39th and Frankford is almost a mile west of the Habana. Besides, December 1998 was seven years before Latham's arrest, and what's more, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma headquarters is on May between 37th and 38th; Frankford is the next street east of May. Admittedly, they usually don't stay up until midnight, but this connection is tenuous at best.

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