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13 March 2007

More tribulations, fewer trials

News Item: Court TV is changing its name, look and logo as part of a network overhaul planned for later this year. The network, acquired by Time Warner and folded into its Turner division during 2006, will no longer be called Court TV as of Jan. 1, 2008, and will revamp its daytime trial coverage and add in prime several new reality series (or, as the network and others, like A&E, prefer to call them, "real-life series").

Top Ten Proposed New Names for Court TV:

  1. OJTV
  2. The Thug Channel
  3. Disembodied Headline News
  4. F!
  5. The Repellent Will Please Rise
  6. American Idolatry
  7. Xtreme News
  8. The Anna Nicole Memorial
  9. TCM (Turner Classic Madmen)
  10. Fox Family

(Seen at Gawker.)

Posted at 11:27 AM to Listing to One Side

Well, whatever. I am so sick of 'Reality TV' I could puke. I like the A&E "City Confidential" and "American Justice" series, but now they have Mindfreak and other stupid 'Reality' programming. As for Court TV, it's schizophrenic. I'm not surprised they will be leaning more to the Reality Crap. That means fewer new episodes of "Forensic Files" which was one of the few series worth watching. That's if they have bought any new episodes at all. The "Dallas Swat" and all those 'Reality' series just do nothing for me. I don't get it. And A&E's 'Biography' - that's just a joke now. No serious biographies on serious people in several years now. All celebrity, all the time.

Posted by: MIkeSwi... at 9:57 PM on 13 March 2007