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20 March 2007

Morning blues (part one)

Those of us who have had them in the past know all too well that something utterly insignificant in the grand order of things can launch a low-level — sometimes not so low — panic attack.

For some reason, one of these hit me in the shower this morning, while I was reflecting on the contents of my wallet, such as they are. And while I was running down the list, inevitably I came to "driver's license," and, hmmm, when does it expire? "July '07," I said to myself.

Came back a voice from nowhere: "Are you sure?"

I wasn't sure. I cut the ablutions short by about a minute, toweled off, and dashed into the bedroom to see when in fact the license expires.

Which is, of course, July '07.

I spent the next few minutes alternating between getting dressed and berating myself for being such a [fill in suitable pejorative noun].

Posted at 7:17 AM to General Disinterest

I do that about once every six months. Mine expires February 08

Posted by: gail at 9:59 AM on 20 March 2007

Get ready to pony up a serious increase.
Those younger than us think "eh . . $21. no big deal" but that much for a friggin' drivers license? :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:09 AM on 20 March 2007

It might surprise, or even freak a few people out to know that very often when I am in the shower I think about bloggers, and ponder the latest posts I've read. I also spend time thinking about what I want to post about.

Posted by: Heather at 9:47 PM on 20 March 2007

Oddly, this is what I do while washing dishes. Must be some sort of soap ingredient that stimulates production of the blog hormone Oxymoronotocin, or whatever it's called.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:54 PM on 20 March 2007

I'm pretty sure mine expires this year, but since my birthday isn't until December I'm also pretty sure I've got a couple of days before I need to worry about it.

As for what I think about in the shower, it's generally such things as, "Is the water less hot than it was a minute ago?" "Is the drain slowing down again? Dangit, I just Drano-d it last week!" "Is my mustache squeaky clean this time or should I soap-and-rinse it again?"

Obviously I need to blog this one of these days.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:11 AM on 21 March 2007