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15 March 2007

Oh, come on, just a peak

Bruce Sterling, speaking at SXSW, says the days of blogs are numbered:

I don't think there will be that many of them around in 10 years. I think they are a passing thing.

Ten years? Cool. Can I quit now?

(Eleventh anniversary coming up 9 April. Be there or be totally L7. Or B9. Or something.)

Posted at 7:01 AM to Blogorrhea

No, you may not quit. We are an endangered species.

Posted by: Miriam at 10:27 AM on 15 March 2007

I'm sensing a fade, myself. But quality will always be valued over quantity. And while you certainly define both Q's in questions, you are the epitome of Quality, first and foremost.

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:14 AM on 15 March 2007

I'd have said there were more good ones recently, actually. Shows what I know. Or that I look for something different than SXSW is looking for. Anyway, no you may not quit. (Do you want to?)

Posted by: anne at 12:48 PM on 15 March 2007

Sterling thinks people will stop believing that their self-centered lives and malformed opinions are endlessly fascinating to others? Tell me more.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 5:04 PM on 15 March 2007

So long as you still enjoy posting, and we keep reading it, I'd think Dustbury is here to stay. My daily browsing routine would be terribly upset if Dustbury disappeared!

Posted by: scooby214 at 9:23 PM on 15 March 2007

I liked what Steph Mineart had to say:

"I know at least I'll be around in 10 years. Hell, I've had this site for 13 already."

Posted by: CGHill at 12:43 PM on 18 March 2007