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30 March 2007

OPUBCO and Griffin file for divorce

The Oklahoma Publishing Company has bought out Griffin Communications' share of, which eventually will be operated solely by, and as a supplement to, the Oklahoman.

The phrase that pays is here:

" has been a great strategic alliance for both companies for five-and-one-half years," said [David] Griffin. "But the opportunities online are changing rapidly and our business models must change accordingly."

No argument from his counterpart:

"Together, our staffs have built an award winning Web site that more Oklahomans use than any other media site in the state," [Oklahoman publisher] Thompson said. "But, the Internet has become more central to our core businesses and we realize that each of our strong brands need autonomy."

Certainly was anomalous: you seldom see media joint ventures of this sort. (More common, but only slightly so, is the case of rival newspapers under a Joint Operating Agreement who have a common Web site, such as NWsource, run by the Seattle Times "representing the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.")

And I have to wonder if maybe KWTV was chafing a bit, given the heavy Web emphasis coming from the competition. At least they've retained the domain, which currently redirects to NewsOK; their new site will be launched next year.

Posted at 11:42 AM to Soonerland

Good. Now I can check the weather forcast without giving OPUBCO hits.

Posted by: Bobbert at 2:16 PM on 30 March 2007

I always wondered about a locally owned TV station getting into an 'information age' relationship with a local newspaper. Not that the 'big three' network affiliates don't broadcast essentially the same stories every night, and usually with the same 'spin'.. Still, of all our local radio/TV station facilities, KWTV seems the least regressive of those I've interviewed over the years, which puzzles me as to why they had anything to do with Gaylord Entertainment to begin with. Well, now that it's over, maybe I can look forward to Oklahoma's news media stepping out of the 1920's and into an enlightened 21st century.


Posted by: Capt:And!? at 10:25 AM on 31 March 2007