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16 March 2007

Quote of the week

Rebels without a clue? Martin's analysis:

Whenever some teenage wannabe anarchist revolutionary type goes out and protests against "capitalists" and "corporations" and "globalization", all while sleeping safely at night in the shelter of his parent's 4 bedroom home, he's engaging in a particularly safe kind of "rebellion."

He can "rage against the machine" all he wants, knowing, at least on a subconscious level, that the "machine" is what gives him the affluence and the free time to do all his "raging." And also knowing that despite all his "raging", the "machine" not only considers him less bothersome than a fly, but that the "machine" will still be there after graduation when he cuts his hair, takes out his piercings, covers up his tatoos, puts on a suit and goes straight to "the machine" for his 50k management trainee job.

And all the while, as he's doing his "raging" he can posture as a dashing and dangerous revolutionary hero-of-the-people (and score some primo hippie-girl poontang while he's at it).

I suspect this can be codified as a metalaw: anything worth doing (and, not surprisingly, anything not worth doing) will sooner or later be overrun by poseurs.

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