The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 March 2007

Results of a good combing

Flashback to the 5th:

Last month one of the Evil Banks who owns the plastic-related segment of my soul sent me a notification to the effect that they were going to pile a few extra percentage points on some Visa card or other. I objected, and said so in return mail; they acknowledged the exception in what we will call Letter 1.

And then I opened Letter 2, which contained an explanation of why they did what they did, which surprised me very little until I noticed that they were referencing an account ending in, oh, let's call it 1234.

I have no accounts ending in the digits indicated, from them or from anyone else.

At the time, I vowed that "the bottom of this will be gotten to."

The bank has now sent the following explanation:

Your original ... account number was [number ending in what I was used to]. Due to the merger [of us and someone else], system changes necessitated account number updates. Your new account number is [something ending in 1234]. This will be reflected on your card when it comes up for expiration and is reissued.

Of course, having rejected their terms on this account, I will cut up any new card they send me, but I am satisfied with this explanation.

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