The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 March 2007

Retrieved from the Death Star

I bought this batch of cordless phones during the last Woot-Off, and they do have their quirks.

Three handsets were provided; needing only two, I hooked up the base station and a single remote station, and discovered that the handsets are numbered 3 and 1 respectively. Number 2, I assume, is still in the box. The manual indicates that you can add a fourth, though it must go through a tedious "registration" process; the ones sold in the package have the numbers already built in. The numbers aren't of much use unless you plan to use the intercom function, and since I have no reason to call another room to see if I'm in there, I have no such plans.

Said manual, incidentally, is labeled as "Part 2". Part 1, so far, is conspicuous by its absence; I'm guessing this was one of those "quick-start guides" that routinely get stuffed into new electronics packages these days, though this set I bought is a refurb (rox0rz!).

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