The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 March 2007

Spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle

Some jangled nerves at the AT&T Center, presumably, as the Hornets jumped out to a six-point lead at the half, running it to nine points after the third. But after that, the Spurs got seriously jingly, opening the fourth quarter with an 11-2 run, including three treys by Brent Barry, erasing the lead entirely. With 17 seconds to go, Barry sank yet another long ball, putting San Antonio up 90-88, and that was it: the Hornets were unable to come back with a basket, Chris Paul fouled out with a bit more than a second left, and Jacque Vaughn dropped in two free throws to ice the deal at 92-88.

Tim Duncan was his usual efficient self, scoring 31 points; Brent Barry had five treys in all for 15; Manu Ginobili got few shots from the floor but delivered 7 of 8 from the charity stripe for 12.

In addition to six fouls, Chris Paul produced 20 points and 9 assists; Tyson Chandler scored 10 and rebounded 12. The Bees are getting free throws to fall these days: tonight they were 18 of 20. But they also gave up 18 turnovers, and you can't do that against a team like the Spurs.

The Hornets are now 32-40 with ten to play, and they must win seven to improve on last year's 38-44 mark — and going 7-3 won't guarantee them a spot in the playoffs. The last game at the Ford Center will be Friday the 13th (!) against the Nuggets. Between now and then, well, we start with the Knicks on Saturday.

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