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12 March 2007

Strange search-engine queries (58)

Once again, we go poking through the referrer logs for the last week to see what's snarkworthy.

relationships + what is the average length of time for a man to propose marriage:  Actual proposal (four words): six seconds. Time it takes to get him to utter those four words: could be years.

stylish gonad clothing:  Now there's one runway you don't want to see. *

why say when your cat die?  Aren't you grief-stricken at the loss of your friend? Or at the very least, that you've got this one last bag of litter that you'll never use up?

Why did women in world war II stop wearing panty hose?  Silk and nylon were deemed more essential for parachutes than for stockings. (And pantyhose weren't invented until 1959.)

paranoia, sadness with lortab:  Maybe you're not taking enough.

surgeon breast implant "reasonably competent"  I should hope so.

nudist you have a penis:  Maybe half of them do.

lotus notes animated gif in signature:  Oh, please. Like Lotus Notes isn't slow enough already.

"people who don't date":  They blog about it, ad nauseam.

do you take off your underwear when you get a bikini wax:  Look at it this way. Do you shave your underarms while wearing a T-shirt?

can you put aspirin on bikini wax:  Maybe if you keep your underwear on.

what do women think of autofellatio:  Probably that it saves them some work.

maureen dowd come-hither pumps:  To hear her talk, it takes more than that.

paranoid, overachiever, angry outbursts, narcissistic:  Who the hell's been saying I was an overachiever?

* Addendum: Not related to this.

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