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19 March 2007

Strange search-engine queries (59)

I suspect that if I didn't post anything for seven whole days, I'd still have enough material to stock this little weekly trip through the logs.

i'd rather have my daughter be a pole dancer than my son become an architect:  Of course you would. The architect has to finish his degree first.

"love funny guys":  Of course you do. This is why women will always snub Ioan Gruffudd for a shot at Gilbert Gottfried.

unattractive women, nude:  Picky, picky, picky.

oklahoma "richard morrissette" illegal:  So far as I can tell, Rep. Morrissette is in fact legal in Oklahoma.

Who sang Frankie Fontaine (King of Genital Rock):  MacLean and MacLean. In that order.

Dentyne ice international shipping via usps:  Let me understand this. You're ordering gum from overseas?

is it illegal to pay someone to clean there [sic] house in the nude:  Probably not as illegal as it is if you don't pay them after they clean.

naked pictures of employees from the pennsylvania renaissance faire:  If they stayed in costume, obviously they weren't naked, and if they didn't stay in costume, they probably got fired, in which case they were no longer employees.

i would be suitable for the position of restaurant manager because:  Um, you have no fear of grease traps?

comic sans use in business:  Not if you want to stay in business.

men pics from catalogs used by scammers on okcupid:  What? Guys being deceitful on a dating site? Whoever heard of such a thing?

i ate expired pillsbury biscuits:  How sad. How are the survivors holding up?

salons in hattiesburg that do brazilian wax:  Just once I'd like to see a salon in Brazil offering a Hattiesburg wax.

what is the government doing against low wages:  Giving itself a raise.

Posted at 6:26 AM to You Asked For It

For some reason the mental image I got was of Hattie McDaniel getting a wax job.

It's not even nine o'clock here and already I need a drink.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:49 AM on 19 March 2007

My father's family was from Hattiesburg. Any wax involving that name would have to stink of noxious chemicals.

Posted by: Bigwig at 8:53 AM on 19 March 2007