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2 March 2007

The Bulls and the Bees

First quarter, it looked like the Bulls were just going to walk away with it: they'd jumped out to a 15-point lead early. The Bees came back to tie it at the half; it was still tied at the end of the third. Then in the fourth, Chicago went on a 21-5 tear, and the Hornets never came back: the final was 104-93, the Bees' 20th loss in 29 road games. Basically, it was the old Third-Quarter Drought™ moved to the fourth quarter, which is no one's idea of an improvement: the Bees scored only 14 points in the last 12 minutes.

The Bulls had three players over 20 points: Ben Gordon with 27, Luol Deng with 24, and Kirk Hinrich with 22. Tyrus Thomas started in place of the ailing P. J. Brown, scored 10 and blocked three shots.

The Oklahoman ran a story this morning on how Tyson Chandler was still peeved at Bulls coach Scott Skiles long after being traded to the Hornets, and if Chandler thought he had something to prove, he did make a good showing: yet another double-double, with ten points and 13 rebounds. All the Hornets starters, in fact, were in double figures, as was reserve guard Bobby Jackson, but just barely: Chris Paul's 16 was the team high.

So this March starts like last March: with a loss. Let's hope it doesn't turn into the 3-11 debacle it was last year. Next game is Sunday evening at the Ford, against the Jazz. Unfortunately, the Jazz, at 38-19, are hot.

Posted at 10:07 PM to Net Proceeds

I didn't read the linked article, but Mr. Chandler was only semi-useful in a Bulls uniform. Whether some of that is due to conflicts with Skiles, or to the huge contract and resulting pressure, or whatever else, who knows. People here in Chicago wanted him to succeed, but I think most fans felt he'd had enough time and wasn't gettin' it done. Wouldn't be the first time a change of scenery benefited all concerned.

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 5:52 PM on 5 March 2007

I can believe that. J. R. Smith spent much of last year in Byron Scott's doghouse; he's making much more of a name for himself among the Nuggets.

Admittedly, Chandler's not much at the foul line, but then he never was.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:49 PM on 5 March 2007