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5 March 2007

The Jazz like it here

Well, yeah, they won last night, but there's more to it than that:

Jerry Sloan's opinion? Hurry back, NBA.

"It's a wonderful city. The people have been terrific here, the ones I deal with in the arena, and the people I run into on the street," the Jazz coach, a southern Illinois native, said of Oklahoma City. "It's a great basketball city.... A tremendous building, too."

There are no plans to relocate a franchise in time for next season, but Derek Fisher, president of the NBA players union, believes the city has proved itself during its two-season Katrina-prompted tryout.

"The NBA now has a feel for what it would be like to have a team here, because they've hosted well," the Jazz guard said.

Now all we have to do is, um, find an actual team.

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