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13 March 2007

The porpoise-filled life

With the Nets in town, I was looking for a fish-related title, but my big worry was that the Hornets, who have been floundering for five games, would put up minnowmum resistance in the presence of all those New Jersey mussels. ("Knock it off, you're giving me a haddock." — Ed.) Didn't happen: the Bees put up some serious offense and outrebounded the Nets, tying the score at 104-104 with 1:04 to play. Buckets were exchanged. Then Tyson Chandler (6 points, 11 boards) fouled out with 22 seconds left; Vince Carter, who hadn't been doing so well at the line, came up with two free throws, and the Nets never trailed again, winning 112-108.

Richard Jefferson, after an injury, is indeed back: he dropped in 26 points to lead all scorers. Vince Carter had 21; Jason Kidd scored 18 and dealt 12 assists; ex-Hornet Bostjan Nachbar hit up his old teammates for three treys and 12 points from the bench.

With the exception of Chandler, all the starting Hornets scored in double figures. Chris Paul had 25 and served up 12 dimes; David West had 24. Linton Johnson and Marc Jackson, former Nets, got 12 between them.

This weekend the Bees are on the road: Friday at New York, Saturday at Washington. Both of these, for the moment, are playoff teams, though the Knicks have only a one-game edge over New Jersey. Monday, it's back to the Ford Center to play the Celtics.

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Oh, Cod, enough with the marine puns. I know you did it just for the halibut, but some of those could have been written by morey amsterdam

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