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10 March 2007

This doesn't quite add up

From the Oklahoman's Real Estate page this morning, this curious item announced by Price Edwards & Co.:

Whole Foods leased 3,553 square feet of retail space in Walnut Square Shopping Center, 7301 S Pennsylvania Ave. Susan Brinkley handled the transaction.

This makes one's eyes bug out. Whole Foods? The Whole Foods? Doesn't seem likely. For one thing, their average store is 31,000 square feet, and the company is working on 50,000-square-foot locations in the near future. And Walnut Square is okay, I guess, but hardly the place you'd put a Whole Foods — especially since the city has been trying to land a store like that for downtown.

Very, very curious.

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Could it be that they are planning to open only a cafe and not a grocery? I don't see OK City as the place to test market that, but it's a logical direction for them to go and the space sounds about right.

Posted by: triticale at 11:02 PM on 10 March 2007

That seems at least possible. A local message board has suggested a slightly more sinister idea: that someone else is trying to get the name established in the state before Whole Foods can come in, which presumably gives said someone a leg up with the Secretary of State when the inevitable trademark-infringement arguments start.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:32 AM on 11 March 2007

Thread, for reference:

Posted by: CGHill at 7:35 AM on 11 March 2007