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13 March 2007

We got your dead zone right here

As of right now, they're still looking things over, but apparently just before 4 pm, somebody crossed over the grass median in the middle of I-44 just east of Kelley and smashed into oncoming traffic: one person is reported dead, the number of those injured has not been released, and westbound lanes are closed at Martin Luther King. (Eastbound traffic is reportedly down to one lane; as I had to exit at MLK, I didn't get to look at it, and frankly, I wasn't inclined to double back and take a look.)

So I took 50th home, or at least as far as Western, and spotted something I wasn't expecting: a car parked at Sleepy Hollow, which closed some months back. Dare I hope?

Update, 7 pm: The Oklahoman reports:

About 4 p.m. today, a sports car traveling eastbound on Interstate 44 crossed the median near Kelley Avenue and collided with a westbound pickup truck hauling a flatbed trailer, Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Kera Phillipi said.

The car's driver died at the scene. The victim's name wasn't immediately available. The truck's driver was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, Phillipi said.

That phrasing seems awkward: how do you threaten nonlife?

Posted at 5:39 PM to City Scene

That was some serious traffic, so I also took 50th. Didn't realize Sleepy Hollow closed. That sucks!

Posted by: Shawn at 6:44 PM on 13 March 2007

Kera Phillipi is HAWT!

Posted by: Dan B at 9:09 AM on 14 March 2007

That means that the truck driver was a zombie!! Ever since Congress approved ZAFTA (Zombie American Free Trade Agreement) we have seen more and more of the undead on our roads. I know they can drive all night (cue Roy Orbison), but come on, give a dead guy a break.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:28 PM on 14 March 2007