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31 March 2007

We saw your house on the computer

The Oklahoman's Richard Mize has a story this morning on something I probably should have anticipated, but didn't: Real-estate listings on YouTube.

And it's not like no one's been doing video of homes for sale — Cox Cable has a whole channel of such — but what's the first place you look for video? Yep.

Still, I don't think a lot of buyers, at least at first, are going to use YouTube as their first search tool. Doesn't mean it won't work, though: last time (and I emphasize last time) I bought a house, the Expert I had engaged emailed me links to MLS listings that looked promising, and adding YouTube links to such mailings is a simple matter of cut-and-paste.

Here's a sampling of YouTubed listings, which you may find interesting:

These run generally three to four minutes, though the Edmond listing runs about nine.

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As soon as I figure out how to hold my camera right and I get a wide-angle lens, I'm all over this like Clinton on an intern.

Posted by: Dan B at 5:33 PM on 31 March 2007