The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 March 2007

We want the funk

AWG writes from Norman:

There's a popular slogan here in Norman that is along the lines of the old "Keep Austin Weird." It reads: "Don't Edmond My Norman." I love it! As some of you may not know, Edmond is a higher end suburb on OKC Metro's north side. Norman, however, being a college town, has a funkier feel to it. Not to say Edmond is dull or anything, it's just that Norman is, well, cooler.

And yet last I looked, Edmond was a college town: UCO isn't exactly one of those trade schools that advertises on The People's Court.

I think perhaps some of this is due to the fact that a lot of places with Edmond addresses aren't actually in Edmond; the Oklahoma City post office doesn't deliver north of 150th or so, and much of the "suburban sprawl" that is often decried in these parts is actually taking place within Oklahoma City limits, and a perusal of the real-estate ads will tell you that "Edmond," as a concept, is now just about everything north of Memorial Road and south of Guthrie.

Then again, if Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk were moving here, you know he ain't coming south of 122nd.

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