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15 March 2007

What? A beautiful drink?

New Coke did the Amazing El Foldo with such prodigious speed that you'd think the Coca-Cola Company would be reluctant to reposition any product line ever again.

Wrong-O, Buffalo Bob. (Hmmm. Seems like I've used this phrase before.) Tab (I refuse to render it as "TaB"), once a diet soda, is now, with minor changes, an "energy drink," and Lawren seems to like it:

I'm on a Tab Energy drink kick. They are seriously amazing. They taste like a cherry Jolly Rancher (unlike Red Bull, which tastes like carbonated pixy stick water with a funktastic aftertaste). And, you really should try one w/ vodka the next time you're out. I just wish bars would start carrying it — I'd never order a vodka and Red Bull again. Who knew a brand as vintage as Tab could come up with something new for the young hipsters?

I'm still reeling from the idea of carbonating Pixy Stix. But there's something weirdly appealing about the idea of pouring a stream of Belvedere ("a lovely marriage of velvet and freon," says Lileks) into a Tab. Maybe I'll work up the nerve to request this at one of my semiannual bar stops. Not that anyone will accuse me of being a young hipster or anything.

(Title explained here.)

Posted at 9:24 AM to Worth a Fork

My husband brought one home because he thought they were hilarious. I thought it tasted pretty awful. But, I thought Red Bull was sort of chalky and awful at first, too. Maybe they are an acquired taste. Or, maybe the booze kills the yuck.

Posted by: Veronica at 12:49 PM on 15 March 2007

are you reeling in the evenings ?

Posted by: adele at 8:13 PM on 15 March 2007

Reeling in the years, stowing away the time.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:21 PM on 15 March 2007

Regular Tag is still out there. It's my favorite cola-like drink. As for the energy version, Red Bull is better.

Posted by: Bigwig at 12:57 PM on 16 March 2007