The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

2 March 2007

Wonder where the yellow went?

Either traffic is worse across town, or I'm unusually lucky these days:

It is a fact of life that once you hit a red light, it is inevitable that you will then hit a red light at 90% of the lights thereafter.

The morning commute runs eastbound on Northwest Distressway from Linn (2600 block West). If the light at Villa (2500) catches me, the one at Penn (2100) generally doesn't, and of the next three (mall entrances, Belle Isle, Blackwelder), I am seldom snagged by more than one. The last one is at the former Classen Circle (1400), and it almost always gets me — but from there I proceed onto I-44, where the only lights I need fear are shaped like gumballs and are usually mounted to the tops of Ford Crowns Victoria.

Conversely, or perhaps perversely, I get caught at every light going back the other way, without fail. Must be a timing issue.

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