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20 March 2007

You say you want a revolution?

Nikz at the Top, the revolving restaurant atop Founders Tower, is closing its doors today; a lawsuit filed by the owner says that new developers, busy turning the former office tower into condominiums, have failed to live up to a commitment to minimize the impact of construction on the restaurant, and just incidentally have doubled the rent. "It's destroyed his business," says the owner's attorney.

Meanwhile, 59 of the 68 condos have reportedly been sold; the first residents will move in this summer. Restoration of the 1960s-vintage building cost a reported $30 million.

Presumably Nikz will not seek to relocate: where else can you put a revolving restaurant? I suspect, though, that the space will be filled in a year or two.

Posted at 11:24 AM to City Scene

As far as relocation, I hope to see it, that was a special place, revolving or not. Now as far as where else to put a revolving restaurant? How about up Jim Meyer's ass?

Posted by: LongTimeFriend at 12:25 AM on 21 March 2007

Is that like "Sit on it and spin"?

Posted by: CGHill at 7:05 AM on 21 March 2007

Hopefully it's more like a Turn-and-Burn, especially for the new owner.

My wife and I had our Honeymoon dinner there. We kept saying we needed to go back sometime, but we never did.

Posted by: Dan B at 9:03 AM on 21 March 2007