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11 April 2007

Altogether now

Black's Beach, near San Diego, is perhaps the largest stretch of clothing-optional (or clothing-nonexistent) beach in the States; it is difficult to get to, but staggeringly popular. Dave Cole of the Black's Beach Bares group passed out a questionnaire to women visiting the beach last summer; the results have now been published (no illustrations, ya perv), and some of the findings caught my eye:

  • Age range: 17 to 66. (Average: 34.7.)

  • 90 of 98 respondents described their beach visit that day in positive terms.

  • One of the more common negative responses: creepy guys, possibly with cameras.

  • While most of the women were from Southern California, there were visitors from as far away as Atlanta and New York.

  • "My cell phone got drenched by the tide."

I don't know if I could do this, though this is at least partly due to the fact that it's a hard climb down to the actual beach, and I don't do climbs (in either direction) especially well.

(Via Elendil.)

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