The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 April 2007

Battle of the also-rans

The Hornets are stuck in 10th place in the NBA's Western Conference; the Sacramento Kings are 11th. That much didn't change. And the Kings hadn't lost at home to the Hornets for ten years, but that did change. You really couldn't tell, though, which way things were going until very late: the score was tied 31-31 after the first quarter, 61-61 at the half, and the Hornets led at the end of the third, 94-93. The Kings promptly ran off seven consecutive points to start the fourth; the Bees followed with seven of their own. Things proceeded along these same lines most of the way through the quarter. At the two-minute mark, the Hornets were up five; they stretched it to seven at the buzzer, taking a 125-118 win.

With all that scoring, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that all ten starters scored in double figures; the Kings had two more in the teens, the Hornets one. David West led everyone (again), with 25; Chris Paul had 23 and 12 assists; Devin Brown and Bobby Jackson 20 points each; Rasual Butler 13; Marc Jackson 12. Hilton Armstrong scored six points and grabbed seven rebounds.

Ron Artest led the Kings with 22; Mike Bibby, who had four treys in the first quarter, ended up with 17; Francisco Garcia got 17 off the bench. Justin Williams led all rebounders with nine.

The Hornets have won 38 games, same as last year, so beating the Clippers at Staples Center Wednesday will constitute an improvement, albeit small.

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