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10 April 2007

Dress rehearsal

Dr. Weevil asks:

I haven't read all the coverage of the Iranian kidnapping of 15 British sailors and marines — no one could — but what I have read does not mention one interesting question: what happened to their uniforms? We know that they were sent home in ugly Iranian suits. Unless I'm missing something, it appears that their uniforms remain in Iranian hands. Or perhaps not. In January, Iraqi "insurgents" — in fact, war criminals — wearing American uniforms killed five American soldiers in Karbala (good summary here). Have the British uniforms stolen by Iran already been shipped to al Sadr's men in Basra so they can try the same thing there? Why is no one asking what happened to them?

I have no idea, but it sounds like a reasonable question to me, and maybe a wider airing will elicit an answer somewhere.

Posted at 6:57 AM to Dyssynergy

I thought the same thing! Being a military guy I immediately noticed their uniforms were gone. In theatre of course they are now doing some unique things to uniforms to make them identifiable (Friend or Foe) but the missing uniforms can cause some mis-identification for sure.

Posted by: Ron at 10:11 AM on 10 April 2007

Is this really a big deal? I mean, I have doubts that the Iranians can refine plutonium on an industrial scale no matter what they say, but I never had any doubts they can sew. It can't be so hard to copy the uniforms that they'd have to go to such lengths just to get some, can it?

Posted by: Matt at 3:56 AM on 11 April 2007

I wouldn't think so. There's hardly a smoking gun (or even a smoking sewing machine) here. Then again, high alert level and all that jazz.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:03 AM on 11 April 2007