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28 April 2007

Enzo it goes

For June, Car and Driver tested a Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano, and while it's every bit as wonderful as the top-end Ferrari is supposed to be, it's priced "where luxury flirts with insanity." And that's if you're lucky:

While returning the 599 to a Los Angeles dealer — the car's short front overhang is a blessing on driveway ramps — we overheard a salesman quote a half-million dollar price to a couple of customers. There were no gasps, just nods, the complacent look of lambs in an abbatoir.

Slaughterhouse-500k! The base price of the 599, says C/D, is $273,845, not including destination charge and dealer prep ($1900) and US gas-guzzler tax ($4500). It goes without saying that if you can afford this car, you can afford its 10-mpg fuel habit. (EPA ratings are 11/15.) Their test car had $41,661 worth of options, bringing the total to $321,956. But the law of supply and demand being what it is, those poor (yeah, right) folks in L.A. are going to have to write a check for half a million to bring it home, and it's not like I'm going to shed any tears for them. Besides, the price of the carbon-ceramic brakes alone ($18,550) would buy a respectable econobox and gas it up for a couple of months.

Still, just once ... no, never mind. I know what would happen. I once got to pilot a Maserati around town, and while I never actually pinned the speedometer, there were a couple of moments of twice the speed limit, and this is frowned on within the city limits. And tickets were a lot cheaper back then.

Posted at 8:07 PM to Driver's Seat

Check this out CG. I'd LOVE to have one.

Posted by: Diane at 9:43 PM on 28 April 2007

That is sweet. And with Panoz doing the engineering, it should work: their track record (in a couple of senses of the word) is pretty darn good. If they can bring it in at that price and that weight — 3600 lb is nothing these days for a truck — they'll move every last one of them in a hurry.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:07 PM on 28 April 2007

I expect the entire North American allocation will be purchased by rappers, hip-hop "artists," and their associated producers.

Posted by: skh.pcola at 12:12 PM on 29 April 2007

They'll have to leave the Monroney sticker in the window, otherwise no one will know how much it cost, which is after all at the very heart of bling.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:03 PM on 29 April 2007

It looks just like the '50 Chevy that my granddad owned. I'd love to have one for that reason alone.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:12 PM on 29 April 2007