The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 April 2007


Trident's Iceni coupe stands out from the bespoke supercar crowd by offering, of all things, fuel efficiency: under the Iceni's nose is GM's 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel. Without having to lug around a whole Silverado, the Duramax pulls the Iceni from zero to sixty, says Trident, in 3.9 seconds, about as fast as I can imagine zero to sixty. Needless to say, hooning about like that is not exactly good for the MPG numbers — "over 60 mpg at constant 55 mph" — so Trident is trying to establish some mileage credibility by dispatching an Iceni from its Norfolk HQ, across England, through the Chunnel and all the way to Monaco. The 26-gallon tank will be filled with biodiesel and sealed: the Iceni will have to make the 900-mile trip on a single tankful. That's 34.5 mpg, unheard of for a supercar; scaling back to US-sized gallons, we're still looking at around 29 mpg, about what I used to average for a road trip in a four-cylinder sedan that struggled to do zero to sixty in twelve seconds.

The Gods of Internal Combustion are undoubtedly gleeful at the news.

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