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23 April 2007

Is this a record?

I cranked up the A/C yesterday around 7 pm, not so much because it was necessary (it was still only 77 degrees in the house, about the same outside, and I was, um, equipped for maximum cool) but because I wanted to make sure that the apparatus was working correctly before the Real Heat™ kicks in later this spring.

At some point thereafter it occurred to me that this might be the latest First Air Conditioning event ever; it's not something I take note of every year, but here are a handful of prior-year references:

6 April 2001: Sixty hours ago, I reported to one of the landlord's minions that the air conditioning in my hovel was out of, um, condition. I repeated the report to the actual property manager thirty hours later; she had not heard about the initial report. Since it's not likely that this problem is going to be addressed over the weekend, I'm looking at a minimum five-day outage.

17 April 2002: One of the sure signs that it's getting warmer around here is the failure of my air-conditioning system, which was dead on Sunday, reported to the landlord on Monday morning, and which will be fixed, they tell me, sometime Friday, after the next cold front comes in.

13 March 2003: I celebrated the event by verifying that my air conditioner wasn't working — something one must do yearly, after all — and pulling Silvetti's dance number "Spring Rain" off the shelf where it's sat for the last twelve months or so. You know there's been a shift of some sort when I start playing the disco stuff again.

Be it noted that all of these events precede the November 2003 acquisition of the palatial Surlywood estate, whose current A/C system was installed circa 1997, and which was last serviced in July 2006.

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My neighbors have also just started using theirs. I have had mine on infrequently now for a few weeks.

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:27 PM on 23 April 2007

Gotta love that global warming.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:29 PM on 23 April 2007