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29 April 2007

Looking at Us

The dreaded first issue of Us has arrived, and it's just as breezily content-free as you can possibly imagine.

Possible redeeming features:

  • Evidence that Jennifer Lopez looks better now than she did ten years (and three half a dozen versions of Photoshop) ago;

  • Attempt (in a Tom 'n' Katie article) to explain the theology, such as it is, of Scientology;

  • This Fashion Police comment about a weirdly-dotted outfit worn by Kelly Osbourne: "Cruella De Vil: The Sock Hop Years."

Not much fun otherwise, but it's not like I was expecting much.

Posted at 4:22 PM to Dyssynergy

Early 1997 saw the release of Adobe Photoshop 4.0, way back before "Camera RAW" was anything other than a potential name for a porn theater.

Last month's Photoshop CS3 is, by the older system, Photoshop 10.0. If they're still using Photoshop 7 at US Weekly, you should demand your money back. Or someone's money back. Or a Photoshop upgrade.

Posted by: Matt at 9:18 PM on 29 April 2007