The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 April 2007


After this week's mouse incident, which seemed to have been solved by the ever-popular System Restore function — and what in the name of Douglas Engelbart did I install Tuesday, anyway? — I noticed that the Logitech optical I'd been using had suffered greatly by being dragged back and forth across my hardwoods-from-the-forest-primeval desktop, and while I had spares on hand, they had been stocked mostly by virtue of cheapness: they worked well enough, but they lacked heft.

(Aside: Geez, that was one sentence?)

So yesterday I spent a Jackson for Microsoft's Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, which comes with a CD full of toolishness. It also has one button I hadn't seen before, which brings up a magnifier window. What's more, the infamous scroll wheel not only goes up and down, but left and right. It trails the old Logitech — and, for that matter, the older MS mouse I use at work — in fluidity of motion, but it's still pretty decent, and inexplicably, it's not particularly overpriced. They, um, "recommend" you use a USB port — if you have no USB port open, they tell you "Consider purchasing a USB hub" — but they throw in a PS/2 adapter anyway.

And oh, yes, it's supposed to work with a Mac.

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