The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 April 2007

No sacrifice too final

It is a measure of something, surely, that now that I've spent all these years in blogdom, the name "Zap Rowsdower" doesn't even elicit a perfunctory eyebrow elevation anymore.

Posted at 4:45 PM to Almost Yogurt

I dunno. I find "Larry Csonka" much funnier. ;)

Posted by: CT at 8:58 PM on 17 April 2007

All these years, and I never knew his first name was "Zap".

Posted by: David Fleck at 6:51 AM on 18 April 2007

I can't imagine why there hasn't been a string of sequels. Followed by a website listing "Zap Rowsdower Facts."

"When Zap Rowsdower is cold stone sober, all war everywhere ends. Unfortunately, Zap is never sober."

Posted by: McGehee at 7:37 AM on 18 April 2007