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20 April 2007

Not so clear on the concept

McGehee gets a promo for a magazine called Bloggers and Podcasters.

No, I said a magazine. Paper. Dead trees. You know the type. Which means that any links it contains — and if it doesn't contain any links, what the hell good is it? — will have to be typed into the browser. (I think it's a safe bet they won't be using one of these contraptions.)

Six months, maybe?

Posted at 1:51 PM to Dyssynergy

From the CueCat website:

...approximately 140,000 CueCat users who had registered their CueCat were exposed to a breach that revealed their name, email address, age range, gender and zip code.

Digital Convergence responded to this security breach by sending an informative email to those affected by the incident assuring them that it was correcting this problem and would be offering them a $10 gift certificate to Radio Shack.

That's what my fellow ham radio types would call "adding insult to injury."

Posted by: McGehee at 2:46 PM on 20 April 2007

From the CueCat website:

Er, that should read, "From the Wikipedia article about CueCat:" :redface:

Posted by: McGehee at 3:03 PM on 20 April 2007

The magazine was first announced over a year ago - forget when exactly - and I made major fun of them. I'd forgotten all about the thing until I got exactly the same e-mail. It's completely absurd.

The sad thing is, it will probably sell. You know, to "bloggers" who've been at it for vast lengths of time, like weeks, months, maybe eve a year. Ones who want a leg up and wonder when they're going to start making all that money or get all that attention they got into blogging for.

Posted by: Jay at 4:42 PM on 20 April 2007

Charles, baby, sweetie, bubbula. The magazine is ONLINE. That means the paper version constitutes a handy record for those so inclined to keep paper onhand.

There are a lot of people, actually, who want to know more about podcasting. It's not all guys in their pajamas who want to talk about Batman, either. Podcasting is a great way for consultants and businesses to get their messages out. I'll eventually start doing it, myself.

This could become a serious resource for individuals and businesses who need to get a message out. They may have something here.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 11:01 AM on 21 April 2007

Well, they got one of the biggest boosts they can legitimately expect: a link from the InstaMan.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:36 AM on 21 April 2007

I am the target market.

This weekend, I bought a book of the best of the first ten years of Slate.

It joins The Official Darwin Awards 3, F'd Companies, and a compendium of Internet humor on my bookshelves.

Posted by: Brian J. at 2:48 PM on 21 April 2007