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30 April 2007

On the bleating edge

In a comment to this piece, Mister Snitch suggests that I'm something of a trend-sniffer, perhaps even ahead of the curve.

More or less simultaneously, the InstantMan gets a letter from a reader:

The prospect of making fuel from waste biomass inspires reader Brian Cubbison to utter a single magic word: "Kudzu."

Watch out, Saudis!

Now set the Wayback Machine to the first week of October 2006:

Kudzu is a vine prevalent in southern states. It's considered a pest. Why isn't more research being done to use kudzu for making ethanol? It would be a source of alternative fuel as well as help rid the woods and fields of this pest.

I was in fact quoting from a letter to the editor of the Oklahoman, but still, you heard it here first, or at least less late.

Let it be said that I have stood on the shoulders of, if not giants, certainly some rather tallish types.

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Can you imagine? Kudzu farms. Kudzu stripping. A whole new environmental cause. But it's a brilliant concept. Bloody brilliant.

Posted by: Jennifer at 3:40 PM on 30 April 2007

I wrote over 100 questions. Kudzu is related to snow peas and tastes like snow peas if you saute the tender shoots. William Shurtleff has many uses for kudzu in his book easily found on Amazon.

The best way to control kudzu is with getting rid of pollution, eating it, using it instead of hay for building things, and going to for contraptions to control kudzu/and get rid of it.

Posted by: Charlotte at 8:23 AM on 1 May 2007