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1 April 2007

One name on the title

Sometimes it's the filler that packs the punch. From an unattributed blurb in this morning's Oklahoman classifieds:

Currently, single women purchase 22 percent of new homes, compared to only 9 percent by single men. They purchased 1.5 million homes in 2005, which equates to one in five sales.

This spike in homebuyers can be attributed to the greater number of single women out there who are choosing to go it along without compromising lifestyle. US Census Bureau findings report that more than half of all adult women live alone.

Well, that "half live alone" business, as it happens, is not exactly true, and "compromising lifestyle" is a phrase that simply screams "We are not serious," but just the same, single women are indeed buying more houses these days, and single men have been stuck around the 10-percent level for decades.

Another possibly-arguable set of premises from the same article, this time a list of "common trends" among these women:

  • 3 out of 4 women spend less than $200,000
  • Prefer 2 bedrooms or more
  • Are more likely to choose resales
  • Buy in city over suburban areas
  • Will not compromise on location or quality of neighborhood
  • Prefer condos or townhomes with well-run neighborhood associations
  • Desire security and/or gated access
  • Want close proximity to stores, shopping and fitness centers

Except in the condo/townhome market, just about everything is "2 bedrooms or more," and in Oklahoma City in particular, three out of four sales to everybody fall under $200,000. (January median price was $123,383, report the metro Realtors.)

I should point out here that the palatial Surlywood estate was acquired from a single woman; I suppose I should have asked her what she saw in the place. (She has since bought a larger house not too far away.)

Posted at 11:26 AM to Common Cents

My house was purchased from a married couple approximately our age or just slightly younger. I had the opportunity to speak to her at length when a miscommunication resulted in the home inspection being done while she was here. She told me that this was their first home and that she hated to part with it but they required more room. They indeed moved to a larger home not too far from here. When I told her it was my first home as well it made her feel better.

Posted by: ms7168 at 5:58 PM on 1 April 2007