The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 April 2007

Starring Merino Hara

Now, normally a sheep is a placid, timid creature, but you've got a killer.

(Suggested by Michael Blowhard.)

Posted at 3:58 PM to Almost Yogurt

No Meryl SheeP?

Or EweMa Thurman? (That's a play on words.)

I never liked Monty Python. I sort of liked the one tall guy, but not as much as I liked Kevin Kline.

Posted by: eulalie at 4:14 PM on 15 April 2007

Filmmakers will do anything to fleece the ticket-buying public.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:22 PM on 16 April 2007

Your comment was very witty. I'm feeling a little sheepish over here. Oh my.

Posted by: Eulalie at 9:44 AM on 17 April 2007

I guess no one is going to mention
Uriah Sheep

Posted by: eulalieshinn at 2:33 PM on 21 April 2007