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23 April 2007

Strange search-engine queries (64)

Will they still read these, will they still need these, now there's sixty-four? We shall see.

definition of mixed emotions?  Your tobacco and petroleum investments are producing higher ROI than your "socially-responsible" investments.

Trust vs. Betrayal:  Betrayal ultimately won on appeal.

"clothing optional" at "dude ranch":  And you should see some of those dudes.

create a monthly grid report of all occurrences in excel:  I used to think that God ran the universe this way, until I realized that God would never use Microsoft Office.

what is an employee rights if she doesn't want to smoke a resident at a nursing home facility:  Most residents of nursing homes, I suspect, object to being smoked.

why are beagles so dumb sometimes:  They're specialists. If they're not hunting, they're wondering what they're supposed to be doing.

elmer fudd with a toothache:  "Ooh, you cwazy wabbit, you've ovewwidden all my pweventative dentistwy!"

stuff you put on the penis to make it taste better for oral sex:  See below.

can you use cool whip for oral sex:  See above.

what eats hornets:  Mavericks.

"shopping in the nude":  You might not want to stand in front of the frozen-food cabinets for too long.

feng shui flying horses:  Rear end facing away from my house.

lindsay beyerstein gets on my nerves:  You're taking this blogging stuff much too seriously.

do vegans eat animal crackers:  Well, not oyster crackers.

"color of the rectum":  Wait a while and it will be brown.

Posted at 6:27 AM to You Asked For It

Have you ever figured out what it was on your site that the robot thought MATCHED these terms?


Posted by: Mark Alger at 8:54 AM on 24 April 2007

There was a time when I followed every last one of those links to see what came up. Almost always it was utterly unrelated to their query: large file with many words equals lots of irrelevant hits.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:33 AM on 24 April 2007